The construction of the Tourist Resort in KAKOME BAY in Saranda

The project is the biggest tourist project in Albania. Under RIVIERA branch, Mr. ÇELAJ will construct and own the resort. The village is going to be operated by the French company CLUB MED, a very big name in the worldwide tourist industry.

The Albanian company Riviera has the pleasure to present you the greatest tourist project in Albania; the construction of the Tourist Resort in Kakome– Saranda- Albania. The Resort will be placed in the coast of the Jonian Sea in South Albania. It will be different from all other tourist villages built up to date in Albania. The Kakome Resort will have a strictly tourist destination. It will target foreign tourists by offering many resting, relaxing and entertaining areas. You can see below some photo of the place just to create an idea about.The most distinctive characteristic of the Tourist Resort in Kakome Bay is the magnificent landscape of the nature combined with two wonderful beach areas. The construction will guarantee the preservation of unique region characteristics; a “virgin” territory with a wild-like and rare landscape. Tourists will have the impression of being part of a very special adventure. This will be achieved through constructions with unique architecture bearing the characteristic elements of the region (stone, cottages, scattered wards, breakfast served in the shade of the trees, etc.). According to its very special characteristics the tourist Resort will look like “The place of New Robinsons”.

The Resort will be constructed in an area of 700,000 meter square. There will be built 400 one or two-flours villas. The capacity is 700 beds. The Resort will be operative for 175 days (five and a half months) a year. There will be many resting, relaxing and entertaining areas such as swimming pools, sports ground to practice various sports, cinemas, shops, etc. In addition to the usual activities very special activities such as gardening, cookery courses, etc, will be offered. Below you can find some sketches of the project.